About Snuffy’s Bakery

Snuffy is our precious li’l princess. Everything we feed her, we want to make sure it’s the best for her. So the saying goes “You are what you eat”.

If you ever meet Snuffy in person, you would notice her soft and silky golden coat. There’s no foul stench from her body either. That’s coz we eliminate any forms of salt, sugar and artificial flavorings from her diet and treats.

We started baking our own treats for Snuffy ever since she was a puppy. As we adopt the positive reinforcement method in obedience training, treats are used extensively. Imagine how much harmful ingredients we would have been feeding Snuffy if we were to use commercial dog treats…

We stopped using commercially produced treats when we studied the ingredients listed on the bags. Most of the time, we don’t really know what those chemical names are. We went on to search for local dog bakeries who claimed to make healthy treats.

We traveled all the way from the west to the east and found a local dog bakery, but to our disappointment, we saw readily-made beautiful cakes decorated with cream and colorful dog cookies!

The treats were totally pleasing to our eyes but we know that all these colorings and creams are not necessarily good for our li’l princess. Plus the fact that there were stocks readily available in the bakery, preservatives would be inevitable.

From then on, we decided to make our own dog treats. No more purchases from any dog bakeries or pet shops. Even treats for our friends’ pooches are home-made by ourselves. The only way that we can ensure the best ingredients are used is to make them ourselves. Imagine how much salt, sugars and chemicals we would have been feeding Snuffs if we don’t make them ourselves?

Since then, every treat for Snuffs are home-made and only made on demand so that there’s no need to add preservatives and we can guarantee that the treats are fresh. We also make them for our friends’ dogs, for their birthday parties, for Christmas or for nothing! We’re just happy to see these dogs enjoy our little treats and we know that these are healthy treats.

Till today, we’ve not known of any dog bakeries that produce treats that we are comfortable to feed Snuffs with. As these bakeries have a store-front in malls or pet stores, there’s always readily-available treats. Some forms of additives are likely to be added in the treats as they need to be on the shelf for a period of time.

At Snuffy’s Bakery, we do not have readily-available treats to be purchased off the shelves. In fact, there are no shelves to store treats either! They’re either in Snuffy’s stomach or nowhere else. That is why we can guarantee the freshness of our treats and since we feed Snuffy what we bake, you can be assured that they are definitely of human-grade quality.


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