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Something for the King

31 May

Yea… For the King… – Elvis

These Pupcakes are little different from the ones for Moca few days ago. These are made of butter carob-base cupcakes topped cream cheese and strawberries. These pretty cakes are good for us humans too if you don’t mind something just a tad sweet.

A great option for both dogs and owners!

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Dancing Dog Carob Bones

10 May

“Dancing Dog Carob Bones”?? hee… yeah! I could have just named it “Carob Bones” but Snuffy couldn’t stop dancing when I whipped out the big carob bone cookies.

She was anxiously following me around when she smelled the cookies… And the moment she saw the big cookies, she started tapping her front paws *left right left right* and moving front and back (think “cha cha dance”)… hence… “Dancing Dog Carob Bones”!

Typically we make smaller treats, meant for bite-size. But these larger ones make lovely doggy gifts for your dogs and also as gifts for other dogs – both big and small.

Looks can be deceiving. The Dancing Dog Carob Bones may look big and tough but they’re actually soft enough to be broken into smaller bits for the dainty ones. I’m sure even the small dogs will enjoy a BIG treat sometimes so, just give them the entire cookie and watch them indulge in every bite.

I can’t help wondering how the carob bones taste like when I see Snuffs loving every bit that was given to her. It made me wanna have a taste of it myself coz they do smell good!

The combination of carob and milk give the cookie its fragrance and it is not bitter due to the sweetness from milk…

No wonder Snuffs loves them so much!

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6 Feb

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

Apples are excellent detoxifier and is beneficial to the digestive tract. It’s good to feed your dogs with a small portion of apples as an after meal snack. Apple peel may sometimes be a little hard and your dog may not like it. It’s just as good to feed without peel.

Made with apples, cinnamon and a hit of honey, these drop cookies smell like apple pie.

“Doctors-Away!” might make your dogs eat their apples without much fuss! As we all know that the fruit peels are generally rich in fiber, we keep the apple peels on, plus giving an extra boost of roughage with rolled oats.

Oats are not only great source of fiber, there are plenty of good stuffs loaded in these little oats.

Inositol that maintains blood cholesterol level (but I’m not sure if dogs get high cholesterol since they don’t really eat seafood! :p); calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B complex. Alright… these are good minerals and vitamins for us but they might be good for our dogs too!

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Luck of the Irish

28 Jan

Vegetables are found to have powerful antioxidants that may help to reduce chronic disease and slow down the rate of aging of our dogs.

It seems likely that vegetables added to a dog’s diet would have some of the same positive health benefits seen in humans. So what are good vegetables to should be included in our dogs’ diet and what are not? Most vegetables, especially when cooked to improve digestibility, are safe for our dogs. With exception of onions. NO ONIONS!

Besides antioxidants, veggies also provide significant source of soluble fiber and roughage, which can promote intestinal health in our dogs.

If your dog is picky and doesn’t like to eat his/her greens, try some of our “Luck of the Irish” and you might really be in luck!

Every bite of these green treats are filled with green vegetables as you can see in the cookies before they get baked in the oven. The natural green in the dough comes from the natural vegetable juice since we blend the vegetables finely so that they’re easily cooked and digested.

Your dog would probably spit the vegs out if fed on it’s own. We add some garlic and sprinkle a tat bit of cheese over the cookies and viola! The fragrant will send your dogs begging for more vegs!

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Pina Colada

24 Jan

YES! It’s Pina Colada for pooches!

Nah… it’s not a drink though… but hmm… we can come out with the drink version later. It’s cookies for now!

One treat but 2 refreshing tropical fruits will send your dogs to the Bahamas and back!


Every bite is filled with coconut and pineapple bits but don’t you worry that the sourness of the pineapples will turn your dogs away… coz the honey will do the trick. Just a little…

Feed your dogs some of these while you sip that Pina Colada cocktail… or you can share the treats with your dogs too!

Treats are 100% edible by dog owners too!

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Monkey Business

26 Nov

Chocolates are our best friend… well, for most of us that is. It’s a comfort food that lifts our spirits when we’re down or stressed out.

Chocolates however, are lethal in dogs because they contain theobromine, which is toxic to dogs. But the good news is, we can substitue chocolate with Carob!


Carob pods come from carob trees. The pods have a taste reminiscent of sweetened cocoa, but without the theobromine, caffeine or other psychoactive properties of cocoa, which are lethal in dogs. It’s definitely a safe substitute. So NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER feed your dogs with chocolates!

“Monkey Business” is a hit with the pooches like the way chocolates melts most of us… made with carob powder and banana, it has a nice banana fragrant with a hint of roasted cocoa aroma. These “little monkeys” are slightly soft and have a slight crunch on the outer crust. How do we know? Treats at Snuffy’s Bakery are made with human-grade ingredients. If the treats are edible to our dogs, they’re definitely edible to humans. So try some yourself!

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Peanut Butter Brittles

24 Nov


We decided to try something new yesterday. It’s definitely a hit with the pooches!

Snuffy couldn’t stop stealing the aroma in the kitchen. She was trying to breath in all that fragrant while the brittles were still in the oven.

When the peanut butter brittles were out, we caught Snuffy sticking out her tongue, slurping up the aroma as though she could taste them in the air! Haaa… it was an amusing sight. The next thing we know… Snuffs was all covered with drool…


Besides the drool-stimulating peanut buttery aroma, the brittles are crunchy but yet light enough to not break a tooth. How do we know? …. well… they smell too good to resist…

Brought some peanut butter brittles over to Miss Daisy, our friend’s dog. Miss Daisy hasn’t been well lately and she’s not been eating for the past few days. Our friend had to force feed her just to make sure she gets some nutrients. But guess what? Miss Daisy loves the peanut butter brittles!


Snuffy’s Bakery guarantees NO artificial flavoring, NO preservatives and only the freshest ingredients. That’s all we need to work our magic! 🙂

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Bark for A Cause

19 Nov


Most of us love chocolate… it gives us comfort and cheers us up when we’re down. But do you know that chocolates are toxic to our dogs?

Chocolate contains theobromine, which is toxic to dogs. Dogs can’t metabolize theobromine as effectively as humans. This allows it to build up in their system until it reaches toxic levels of concentration. This may lead to a variety of health problems including death due to cardiac arrest.

“Bark for A Cause” is made of Carob (the brown half). Carob is a substitute for chocolate. So now both our dogs and us can enjoy the happiness of chocolates/carobs without worriers!

Snuffy definitely loves the taste of carob and soy milk. You can tell that by her extreme attentiveness when she knows that I have the treats in my hand!

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