Snuffy’s Bakery Homemade Treats

1. 100% Organic flour

2. Conscious dog-owners have a choice of having the treats made from 100% Organic Wholemeal flour, which are more nutritional and high in fiber. You make the choice!

3. NO artificial flavorings. You’ll not see terms like “Natural flavoring” listed in the ingredients coz what’s more natural than the ingredients themselves?

4. NO artificial colorings. Colors of the treats come naturally from the ingredients.
Dog treats that are brightly colored are meant to entice owners to purchase them but are not necessarily good for our dogs’ health.

5. NO preservatives coz our treats are Make-to-Order only! Definitely NO ex-stock.

Homemade vs Commercial

Ever take a good look at the ingredients on the packaging of the yummy-looking treats you got for your dogs?

Ever wonder what those hard-to-pronounce chemical names in the ingredients list are?

Wonder why commercial treats never fail to make our pooches drool all over and come in beautiful colors that attract the dog owners more than the dogs themselves (dogs are color-blind anyway!)?

Most commercial dog treats are factory-produced in large quantity and requires longer shelf-life. Therefore, it’s inevitable to eliminate preservatives in their products.

Here are some ingredients that I’ve randomly found on the list of ingredients in commercial dog treats. Click on the links to find out what they really are or Google them for more details… Sodium Diacetate, Titanium Dioxide, Phosphoric Acid, Sorbic Acid

Ours are Home-made!

Snuffy’s Bakery is a “Make-to-Order” dog bakery. We only start preparing when you place your orders.

That means, we do not have readily-available treats waiting for you to pick up!

So, there’s no need for us to inject these great treats with any preservatives and what you put into your dogs’ mouths are guaranteed fresh!

You can have a peace of mind coz what you see is what you get!


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