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Monkey Business

26 Nov

Chocolates are our best friend… well, for most of us that is. It’s a comfort food that lifts our spirits when we’re down or stressed out.

Chocolates however, are lethal in dogs because they contain theobromine, which is toxic to dogs. But the good news is, we can substitue chocolate with Carob!


Carob pods come from carob trees. The pods have a taste reminiscent of sweetened cocoa, but without the theobromine, caffeine or other psychoactive properties of cocoa, which are lethal in dogs. It’s definitely a safe substitute. So NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER feed your dogs with chocolates!

“Monkey Business” is a hit with the pooches like the way chocolates melts most of us… made with carob powder and banana, it has a nice banana fragrant with a hint of roasted cocoa aroma. These “little monkeys” are slightly soft and have a slight crunch on the outer crust. How do we know? Treats at Snuffy’s Bakery are made with human-grade ingredients. If the treats are edible to our dogs, they’re definitely edible to humans. So try some yourself!

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