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Something for the King

31 May

Yea… For the King… – Elvis

These Pupcakes are little different from the ones for Moca few days ago. These are made of butter carob-base cupcakes topped cream cheese and strawberries. These pretty cakes are good for us humans too if you don’t mind something just a tad sweet.

A great option for both dogs and owners!

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Moca’s Birthday Pupcakes

29 May

Think peanut butter… think cream cheese… mmm…. yum yums!

These pupcakes are not exactly for pups or dogs only. They’re so yummy that the owners would love to have some too! Like I’ve always said, the treats from Snuffy’s Bakery are good enough for the dog owners too as long as you don’t mind having no sugar and no salt in their food.

These lovely Pupcakes are made specially for Moca, the birthday boy. Moca doesn’t like bananas. These peanut butter cupcakes, top with peanut butter cream cheese should match his palate.

Why cupcakes instead of a whole cake?

Cupcakes are a fab in the human world ya? So how can the pooches be left behind? Cupcakes are also a lot more easier to manage in terms of serving size. Great for parties and just as good for your dogs and yourselves! Give him/her 1 cupcake a day or 1 cupcake after meal or 1 cupcake for tea time! It’s simplt a really great serving size.

And of course, they’re really cute and pretty aren’t they?!

The peanut butter cupcakes are really soft and moist, with peanut butter flavor in every bite. Thanks to Moca, Snuffy and I got to share one of the cupcakes. Snuffy loves it and so do I! Thought it’s actually a pretty good recipe for my human friends, who are watchful of their diets too!

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Shepard’s Pie for Snuffs’ Birthday!

30 Apr

Apr 30th, 2011

We didn’t hold birthday parties like many dog-owners would do for their precious dogs. We spent the day with Snuffs just like any other day but we decided to make her something special for dinner… Shepard’s Pie! The pooch’s version… that is NO SALT!

The regular human Shepard’s Pie is made with beef but we wanted to give Snuffs something better, so we substitute beef for lamb. I don’t really like the taste of frozen mixed veg even for my own consumption. Somehow they have this weird taste that doesn’t taste like the “real” vegetables. Since I swear by using everything as fresh as possible, instead of the convenience of frozen veg, we used fresh carrots, sugar peas and corns from the cob.

For the mashed potatoes, we used some milk and olive oil to give it a nice smooth texture and fragrant. Not all dogs are lactose-intolerant. Snuffy has been drinking milk since she was few months old. We fed her regular full cream milk right from the beginning and she was totally fine. No signs of lactose-intolerance and milk has become a daily supper before bedtime and she’s loving every drop of it! So, not all dogs are lactose-intolerant especially if you start young. They will get used to it.

Snuffy’s birthday meal still includes 1/2 a serving of her usual kibbles with a third of the pie. That should give her the nutrients that she needs on top of the yummi-licious sheppie’s pie as a bonus. She definitely loved the Shepard’s pie as we could tell by the speed she finished everything. She may like it a lot and we are definitely happy to see that she enjoys the treat we made specially for her; but this won’t be on the regular menu as the carbs from the spuds will give her weight problem… so, it shall remain a special treat once in a while!

* sorry guys… we do not offer Shepard’s Pie at this point… solely for Snuffy’s consumption only…

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Phoebe’s “Beef-Day” Cake

22 Nov

Got Phoebe a “Beef-day cake” for her birthday last year. The entire cake screams “Beef liver! Beef liver! Beef liver!” and so did the pooches at her birthday party.

The cake is made of beef liver, eggs and organic wholemeal flour. Decorated with yummy cream cheese and crunchy beef liver nuggets… hmm… you can imagine the dogs’ expressions when they gobble down the birthday cake!

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