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Snuffy’s Bakery is INSTAGRAM-ing!

1 Mar

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Something New for 2012

7 Jan

Dogs are still dogs… most of them will drool over meaty foods more than the greens or fruits (with Snuffy as an exception).

In 2012, Snuffy’s Bakery will be introducing more meaty treats for our friends who prefer meats or perhaps, only eat meats! Meats include of course fishes. Yea. You’ll be surprise how much your dogs love fishes as much as beef, lamb or poultry.

But I’m sorry to disappoint your poultry-loving dogs coz at Snuffy’s Bakery, we do not use poultry in any treats as dogs are more prone to be allergic to poultry than other forms of meat.

To kick-start 2012, we created these cute little pancakes-like treats. Look closely, it’s more than meets the eye.

These little fellas are soft and fluffy just like our pancakes, but instead of topping with maple syrup, these are topped with bits of beef that will send your dogs through the roof!

We’ve added cornmeal, eggs, a hint of garlic and milk to the pancake base for extra flavors and natural fluff too. Snuffy really love them and I’m beginning to notice that she prefers softer treats to the crunchy ones so, 4 paws & a wagging tail for the 1st new treat of 2012!

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Barker’s Fetch’em Sticks

21 Oct

Here at Snuffy’s Bakery, we love creating new flavors. Not that dogs in general or Snuffy is a fussy eater, in fact, she is anything but fussy, it’s always good to give our dogs something different.

Especially if you’re into dog training, having a bucket full of assorted treats is extremely useful. This is because dogs are good with association and anticipation. If you’re always feeding him/her the same treats, he/she gets used to it and will anticipate that it’s the same flavor you’re giving him/her. Although they will still gobble up the treats, their enthusiasm will decline eventually.

However, if you’re always changing treats, and different flavors are given at random, there’s always something exciting for them to look forward to. That keeps their excitement and enthusiasm high as it’s tough to anticipate what’s next coming out from your treat bag!

Alright, so much said about variation, check out the new addition to our treat bag – “Barker’s Sticks” (In case you’re wondering, Barker is a cute li’l plush dog).

Made with molasses, oats, eggs and almonds, each of these sticks have a nutty-sweet flavor and is packed with fiber from oats. Though the aroma of molasses may seem faint to our human noses, it’s a drool-stimulant for our dogs.

Snuffy didn’t want to leave the kitchen when I was preparing the dough. When they were out from the oven, she couldn’t keep her eyes off them!

Cut into stick-like, these cookies are easy to break into smaller pieces of your desired sizes. It’s ideal for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Of course your dogs would love to be fed the entire stick or perhaps, the entire bunch of sticks, you won’t wanna over-feed them!

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Something for the King

31 May

Yea… For the King… – Elvis

These Pupcakes are little different from the ones for Moca few days ago. These are made of butter carob-base cupcakes topped cream cheese and strawberries. These pretty cakes are good for us humans too if you don’t mind something just a tad sweet.

A great option for both dogs and owners!

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Moca’s Birthday Pupcakes

29 May

Think peanut butter… think cream cheese… mmm…. yum yums!

These pupcakes are not exactly for pups or dogs only. They’re so yummy that the owners would love to have some too! Like I’ve always said, the treats from Snuffy’s Bakery are good enough for the dog owners too as long as you don’t mind having no sugar and no salt in their food.

These lovely Pupcakes are made specially for Moca, the birthday boy. Moca doesn’t like bananas. These peanut butter cupcakes, top with peanut butter cream cheese should match his palate.

Why cupcakes instead of a whole cake?

Cupcakes are a fab in the human world ya? So how can the pooches be left behind? Cupcakes are also a lot more easier to manage in terms of serving size. Great for parties and just as good for your dogs and yourselves! Give him/her 1 cupcake a day or 1 cupcake after meal or 1 cupcake for tea time! It’s simplt a really great serving size.

And of course, they’re really cute and pretty aren’t they?!

The peanut butter cupcakes are really soft and moist, with peanut butter flavor in every bite. Thanks to Moca, Snuffy and I got to share one of the cupcakes. Snuffy loves it and so do I! Thought it’s actually a pretty good recipe for my human friends, who are watchful of their diets too!

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Dancing Dog Carob Bones

10 May

“Dancing Dog Carob Bones”?? hee… yeah! I could have just named it “Carob Bones” but Snuffy couldn’t stop dancing when I whipped out the big carob bone cookies.

She was anxiously following me around when she smelled the cookies… And the moment she saw the big cookies, she started tapping her front paws *left right left right* and moving front and back (think “cha cha dance”)… hence… “Dancing Dog Carob Bones”!

Typically we make smaller treats, meant for bite-size. But these larger ones make lovely doggy gifts for your dogs and also as gifts for other dogs – both big and small.

Looks can be deceiving. The Dancing Dog Carob Bones may look big and tough but they’re actually soft enough to be broken into smaller bits for the dainty ones. I’m sure even the small dogs will enjoy a BIG treat sometimes so, just give them the entire cookie and watch them indulge in every bite.

I can’t help wondering how the carob bones taste like when I see Snuffs loving every bit that was given to her. It made me wanna have a taste of it myself coz they do smell good!

The combination of carob and milk give the cookie its fragrance and it is not bitter due to the sweetness from milk…

No wonder Snuffs loves them so much!

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Shepard’s Pie for Snuffs’ Birthday!

30 Apr

Apr 30th, 2011

We didn’t hold birthday parties like many dog-owners would do for their precious dogs. We spent the day with Snuffs just like any other day but we decided to make her something special for dinner… Shepard’s Pie! The pooch’s version… that is NO SALT!

The regular human Shepard’s Pie is made with beef but we wanted to give Snuffs something better, so we substitute beef for lamb. I don’t really like the taste of frozen mixed veg even for my own consumption. Somehow they have this weird taste that doesn’t taste like the “real” vegetables. Since I swear by using everything as fresh as possible, instead of the convenience of frozen veg, we used fresh carrots, sugar peas and corns from the cob.

For the mashed potatoes, we used some milk and olive oil to give it a nice smooth texture and fragrant. Not all dogs are lactose-intolerant. Snuffy has been drinking milk since she was few months old. We fed her regular full cream milk right from the beginning and she was totally fine. No signs of lactose-intolerance and milk has become a daily supper before bedtime and she’s loving every drop of it! So, not all dogs are lactose-intolerant especially if you start young. They will get used to it.

Snuffy’s birthday meal still includes 1/2 a serving of her usual kibbles with a third of the pie. That should give her the nutrients that she needs on top of the yummi-licious sheppie’s pie as a bonus. She definitely loved the Shepard’s pie as we could tell by the speed she finished everything. She may like it a lot and we are definitely happy to see that she enjoys the treat we made specially for her; but this won’t be on the regular menu as the carbs from the spuds will give her weight problem… so, it shall remain a special treat once in a while!

* sorry guys… we do not offer Shepard’s Pie at this point… solely for Snuffy’s consumption only…

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Snuffy’s Bakery is on FB too!

12 Apr

Facebook is the new Messenger…

We have to keep up with the world… the world will not pause to wait for you…

Got a facebook page for Snuffy’s Bakery too but… I’m still trying to keep up with the world… still trying to figure out how to use a facebook page!

I don’t wanna be on “phase-out book”…

Check us out and spread the word…

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6 Feb

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

Apples are excellent detoxifier and is beneficial to the digestive tract. It’s good to feed your dogs with a small portion of apples as an after meal snack. Apple peel may sometimes be a little hard and your dog may not like it. It’s just as good to feed without peel.

Made with apples, cinnamon and a hit of honey, these drop cookies smell like apple pie.

“Doctors-Away!” might make your dogs eat their apples without much fuss! As we all know that the fruit peels are generally rich in fiber, we keep the apple peels on, plus giving an extra boost of roughage with rolled oats.

Oats are not only great source of fiber, there are plenty of good stuffs loaded in these little oats.

Inositol that maintains blood cholesterol level (but I’m not sure if dogs get high cholesterol since they don’t really eat seafood! :p); calcium, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B complex. Alright… these are good minerals and vitamins for us but they might be good for our dogs too!

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Luck of the Irish

28 Jan

Vegetables are found to have powerful antioxidants that may help to reduce chronic disease and slow down the rate of aging of our dogs.

It seems likely that vegetables added to a dog’s diet would have some of the same positive health benefits seen in humans. So what are good vegetables to should be included in our dogs’ diet and what are not? Most vegetables, especially when cooked to improve digestibility, are safe for our dogs. With exception of onions. NO ONIONS!

Besides antioxidants, veggies also provide significant source of soluble fiber and roughage, which can promote intestinal health in our dogs.

If your dog is picky and doesn’t like to eat his/her greens, try some of our “Luck of the Irish” and you might really be in luck!

Every bite of these green treats are filled with green vegetables as you can see in the cookies before they get baked in the oven. The natural green in the dough comes from the natural vegetable juice since we blend the vegetables finely so that they’re easily cooked and digested.

Your dog would probably spit the vegs out if fed on it’s own. We add some garlic and sprinkle a tat bit of cheese over the cookies and viola! The fragrant will send your dogs begging for more vegs!

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