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Something New for 2012

7 Jan

Dogs are still dogs… most of them will drool over meaty foods more than the greens or fruits (with Snuffy as an exception).

In 2012, Snuffy’s Bakery will be introducing more meaty treats for our friends who prefer meats or perhaps, only eat meats! Meats include of course fishes. Yea. You’ll be surprise how much your dogs love fishes as much as beef, lamb or poultry.

But I’m sorry to disappoint your poultry-loving dogs coz at Snuffy’s Bakery, we do not use poultry in any treats as dogs are more prone to be allergic to poultry than other forms of meat.

To kick-start 2012, we created these cute little pancakes-like treats. Look closely, it’s more than meets the eye.

These little fellas are soft and fluffy just like our pancakes, but instead of topping with maple syrup, these are topped with bits of beef that will send your dogs through the roof!

We’ve added cornmeal, eggs, a hint of garlic and milk to the pancake base for extra flavors and natural fluff too. Snuffy really love them and I’m beginning to notice that she prefers softer treats to the crunchy ones so, 4 paws & a wagging tail for the 1st new treat of 2012!

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Barker’s Fetch’em Sticks

21 Oct

Here at Snuffy’s Bakery, we love creating new flavors. Not that dogs in general or Snuffy is a fussy eater, in fact, she is anything but fussy, it’s always good to give our dogs something different.

Especially if you’re into dog training, having a bucket full of assorted treats is extremely useful. This is because dogs are good with association and anticipation. If you’re always feeding him/her the same treats, he/she gets used to it and will anticipate that it’s the same flavor you’re giving him/her. Although they will still gobble up the treats, their enthusiasm will decline eventually.

However, if you’re always changing treats, and different flavors are given at random, there’s always something exciting for them to look forward to. That keeps their excitement and enthusiasm high as it’s tough to anticipate what’s next coming out from your treat bag!

Alright, so much said about variation, check out the new addition to our treat bag – “Barker’s Sticks” (In case you’re wondering, Barker is a cute li’l plush dog).

Made with molasses, oats, eggs and almonds, each of these sticks have a nutty-sweet flavor and is packed with fiber from oats. Though the aroma of molasses may seem faint to our human noses, it’s a drool-stimulant for our dogs.

Snuffy didn’t want to leave the kitchen when I was preparing the dough. When they were out from the oven, she couldn’t keep her eyes off them!

Cut into stick-like, these cookies are easy to break into smaller pieces of your desired sizes. It’s ideal for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Of course your dogs would love to be fed the entire stick or perhaps, the entire bunch of sticks, you won’t wanna over-feed them!

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Something for the King

31 May

Yea… For the King… – Elvis

These Pupcakes are little different from the ones for Moca few days ago. These are made of butter carob-base cupcakes topped cream cheese and strawberries. These pretty cakes are good for us humans too if you don’t mind something just a tad sweet.

A great option for both dogs and owners!

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