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Something New for 2012

7 Jan

Dogs are still dogs… most of them will drool over meaty foods more than the greens or fruits (with Snuffy as an exception).

In 2012, Snuffy’s Bakery will be introducing more meaty treats for our friends who prefer meats or perhaps, only eat meats! Meats include of course fishes. Yea. You’ll be surprise how much your dogs love fishes as much as beef, lamb or poultry.

But I’m sorry to disappoint your poultry-loving dogs coz at Snuffy’s Bakery, we do not use poultry in any treats as dogs are more prone to be allergic to poultry than other forms of meat.

To kick-start 2012, we created these cute little pancakes-like treats. Look closely, it’s more than meets the eye.

These little fellas are soft and fluffy just like our pancakes, but instead of topping with maple syrup, these are topped with bits of beef that will send your dogs through the roof!

We’ve added cornmeal, eggs, a hint of garlic and milk to the pancake base for extra flavors and natural fluff too. Snuffy really love them and I’m beginning to notice that she prefers softer treats to the crunchy ones so, 4 paws & a wagging tail for the 1st new treat of 2012!

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Luck of the Irish

28 Jan

Vegetables are found to have powerful antioxidants that may help to reduce chronic disease and slow down the rate of aging of our dogs.

It seems likely that vegetables added to a dog’s diet would have some of the same positive health benefits seen in humans. So what are good vegetables to should be included in our dogs’ diet and what are not? Most vegetables, especially when cooked to improve digestibility, are safe for our dogs. With exception of onions. NO ONIONS!

Besides antioxidants, veggies also provide significant source of soluble fiber and roughage, which can promote intestinal health in our dogs.

If your dog is picky and doesn’t like to eat his/her greens, try some of our “Luck of the Irish” and you might really be in luck!

Every bite of these green treats are filled with green vegetables as you can see in the cookies before they get baked in the oven. The natural green in the dough comes from the natural vegetable juice since we blend the vegetables finely so that they’re easily cooked and digested.

Your dog would probably spit the vegs out if fed on it’s own. We add some garlic and sprinkle a tat bit of cheese over the cookies and viola! The fragrant will send your dogs begging for more vegs!

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